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Custom Belly Ring


  • Image of Custom Belly Ring

Our Custom Belly Rings are offered in silver, rose gold, and gold. You can customize them with our Cursive font or our Old English font. If you'd like to add a symbol, such as a heart, or a butterfly, please a let us know.

Stainless Steel.
Tarnish FREE.

Please read the FAQ page for all shipping and tracking information.

• select your color and font
• add to cart
• “checkout”
• insert your contact info, shipping & payment.
• scroll down & you will see “notes or instructions”
• let us know what you’d like your necklace to say in that space.

Image of Mariposa Necklace
Mariposa Necklace
Image of Tarragon Necklace
Tarragon Necklace
Image of Icy Band
Icy Band
Image of Verde Latch Necklace
Verde Latch Necklace
Image of Verde Latch Bracelet
Verde Latch Bracelet
Image of Gemini Bracelet
Gemini Bracelet
Image of North Star Necklace
North Star Necklace
Image of Exquisite Necklace
Exquisite Necklace
Image of Gratitude Necklace
Gratitude Necklace
Image of Zipped Bracelet
Zipped Bracelet
Image of Cuffed Earrings
Cuffed Earrings
Image of Secure Bracelet
Secure Bracelet
Image of Wrapped Ring
Wrapped Ring
Image of Exposed Earrings
Exposed Earrings
Image of River Earrings
River Earrings
Image of Go To Bracelet
Go To Bracelet
Image of Secrets Earrings
Secrets Earrings
Image of Religious Ring
Religious Ring
Image of Details Ring
Details Ring
Image of Latch Necklace
Latch Necklace
Image of Assorted Earrings
Assorted Earrings
Image of Safety Necklace
Safety Necklace
Image of Soulmate Anklet
Soulmate Anklet
Image of Sanctified Necklace
Sanctified Necklace
Image of Unfinished Anklet/Bracelet
Unfinished Anklet/Bracelet
Image of Numeral Necklace
Numeral Necklace
Image of Fraternal Bracelet
Fraternal Bracelet
Image of Unlock Necklace
Unlock Necklace
Image of Oversized Initial Necklace
Oversized Initial Necklace
Image of Birthday Bish Necklace
Birthday Bish Necklace
Image of State Outlined Necklace
State Outlined Necklace
Image of Blooming Butterfly Ring
Blooming Butterfly Ring
Image of Crossed Chain
Crossed Chain
Image of Alliah Necklace
Alliah Necklace
Image of Initial Me Necklace
Initial Me Necklace
Image of Birthday Bish Bracelet
Birthday Bish Bracelet
Image of Initial Me Anklet
Initial Me Anklet
Image of Kaela Hoops
Kaela Hoops
Image of Nikole Earrings
Nikole Earrings
Image of Kat Earrings
Kat Earrings
Image of Brandi Earrings
Brandi Earrings
Image of Arya Earrings
Arya Earrings
Image of Fina Earrings
Fina Earrings
Image of Kari 2.0 Cuban Earrings
Kari 2.0 Cuban Earrings
Image of Bella Earrings
Bella Earrings
Image of Love Letter Ring
Love Letter Ring
Image of Jewelry Case + Plate Set
Jewelry Case + Plate Set
Image of Jewelry Plate
Jewelry Plate
Image of Travel Jewelry Case
Travel Jewelry Case
Image of Custom Jewelry Plate
Custom Jewelry Plate
Image of Ocean Drop Earrings
Ocean Drop Earrings
Image of Charmed Mini Hoops
Charmed Mini Hoops
Image of Vacay Drop Earrings
Vacay Drop Earrings
Image of Ariel Layering Chain
Ariel Layering Chain
Image of Khaleesi Necklace
Khaleesi Necklace
Image of Birthday Bish Ring
Birthday Bish Ring
Image of Logo Signet Ring
Logo Signet Ring
Image of Iced Initial Pendant
Iced Initial Pendant
Image of Golden Bible Locket
Golden Bible Locket
Image of Mariposa Crystal Anklet
Mariposa Crystal Anklet
Image of Mariposa Crystal Bracelet
Mariposa Crystal Bracelet
Image of Mariposa Crystal Choker
Mariposa Crystal Choker
Image of Birth Year Necklace
Birth Year Necklace
Image of Branded Initial Necklace
Branded Initial Necklace
Image of Houston Necklace
Houston Necklace
Image of Repeating Numbers Necklace
Repeating Numbers Necklace
Image of Embroidered Bucket Hat
Embroidered Bucket Hat
Image of Custom Shoe Plate
Custom Shoe Plate
Image of Oversized Mariposa
Oversized Mariposa
Image of Different Area Codes Ring
Different Area Codes Ring
Image of Blessed Necklace
Blessed Necklace
Image of Custom Nameplate Anklet
Custom Nameplate Anklet
Image of Eternal Chain
Eternal Chain
Image of Genie Ring
Genie Ring
Image of Mini Initial Choker
Mini Initial Choker
Image of Ariel Stacking Ring
Ariel Stacking Ring
Image of Logo Lock Necklace
Logo Lock Necklace
Image of Kingdom Chain
Kingdom Chain
Image of Mariposa Bracelet
Mariposa Bracelet
Image of Queen Chain
Queen Chain
Image of Eros Ring
Eros Ring
Image of Nala Necklace
Nala Necklace
Image of Different Area Codes Necklace
Different Area Codes Necklace
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