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Classic Jewelry Set


  • Image of Classic Jewelry Set
  • Image of Classic Jewelry Set
  • Image of Classic Jewelry Set

Our Classic Set is great for everyday wear or a date night out. Add our Ariel Stacking Ring to set this look off even more.

The choker is 16 inches in length and the bracelet is 6.3 inches in length. Color offered is gold.

18K Gold Plated. Stainless Steel. Hypoallergenic. Tarnish Free.

Please read the FAQ page for all shipping and tracking information.

Although our jewelry is tarnish free, to maintain that day one shine, you should:
• Avoid perfumes and harsh chemicals
• Be gentle with your jewelry
• Remove before taking a bath or shower
• Store in a cool, safe place
In addition to these tips, use a gentle cleansing cloth to restore shine on all jewelry pieces as needed.

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